Excellence. On time. On budget.

Christine Marra and her team at Marrathon Production Services specialize in editorial production projects with out-of-the-box needs. We thrive on meticulously handling material that requires the attention and drive that in-house standards of operation cannot supply. We work these wonders with a diplomatic, professional demeanor laced with a friendly sense of humor that energizes and inspires authors and stressed department personnel alike.

Marrathon is the answer to your question, “How in blazes are we going to get this book to press on time?”

Let us take the development and timely delivery of valuable projects off your worry list. Is your editorial staff overwhelmed? Do you have an author in need of more time and support than is possible via in-house management? Is your design and composition department overloaded? Does your team simply not have the specific expertise or does it need someone to oversee pieces of a complicated job? Do you need material written or fine-tuned? Give the project to us!

Whatever the task and whatever its needs, Marrathon will treat your work with the utmost care and professionalism.